Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes...We Are Crazy Dog People

On Saturday we went to the annual "Howl-And-Wine" dog halloween party at The District. Tilly was dessed up as a Rebel Girl (dancer/cheerleader) and her four best friends were a spider, a sheriff, a police man, and a construction worker. There were hundreds of dogs dressed up at the party. My favorite was a little dog dressed as a lobster. But Tilli's costume was a hit too...we recieved many compliments on its inventiveness...but really I think everyone just thought she was cute because of the way she was walking with her dance pants on...we were totally cracking up all night. She is a good sport - you will notice that her ears are down in the pictures which is not a common gesture for our usually spunky Tilli.


Kristin said...

Sounds like you were there with the Village People...I mean The Village Dogs!

The Sorensens said...

Tilli is such a pretty dog! Hey, we linked you up to our blog too. It's fun to peek in on you and see how you're doing.