Sunday, April 5, 2009

David's White Coat Ceremony

Watch out...David is now practicing dentistry in the school clinic! I'm so proud of my budding dentist. My parents and I celebrated David's hard work and success in dental school at his white coat ceremony on Febuary 23rd. It was so fun to see him make this big step toward his goals.


Marne said...

ya! go david! we are so happy for you guys. you are baby is beautiful maggie.

Anderson and Associates: said...

Congratulations David!

The Brady's said...

Congrats! Let us know as soon as your for real because Cambry is still having dental work issue's in fact were going to get some work done on Monday! Your baby is so cute! Hopefully we will see you soon!

Jocelyn and Nate said...

Hey Dave!
You're kid's cute. Which will be sad when my little girl kicks the crap out of him:o I tried to call you the other day, but you suck. My brother's in Lecce right now and Beau said you served their. He teaches Mino english and they are teaching a family. Anyway, if you can get your fat head to a phone, give me a call.