Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jack's Miracle Cousins

Our family has been blessed with two new miracle babies this month. David's brother, Steven, and his wife, Kim, adopted Sawyer Kate on May 3rd. We got a call that morning from Steven saying that he and Kim were on the way to Vegas because their baby was being born. They got to be there for the labor and welcome their beautiful baby girl into the world only one week after they turned in their adoption papers. Sawyer was in the NICU for three days at Summerlin hopital. Little did we know then that we would later have a nephew staying in the same exact room. My sister, Emily, went to the doctor on Wednessday for a ultrasound at 37 weeks. The tech saw an abnormatlity in the baby's heart and the doctor sent her to Summerlin Hospital for an emergency C-Section. Luke was born that night. He was in critical condition and will probably be in the NICU for a couple more weeks but prognosis is great and we look foward to bringing him home. The fact that the tech was able to see the problem and that the problem was found literally within hours from when it would have been fatal is truly a miracle and blessing from Heavenly Father. All the nurses and doctors we have talked to have told us how angels are watching over Emily because in all their years of health care they have never seen this problem caught. Always the babies were born dead. We truly feel the hand of the Lord in our lives and thank him for our two miracle babies. Aren't they so cute?

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Team Shelton said...

Jack is super cute, and I am glad he has some (more) cousins to be cute with. How are things at the Rosses? And how is Tilli? Does she like Jack? Anyway I just need to call you instead of leaving you a stupid comment! Post more pics more often, especially since babies grow so fast.