Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Love the San Diego Zoo!!!

A couple weeks ago my sister called and asked us to meet her and her family down in San Diego for a quick weekend getaway. We are always up for Southern California and for vacations so we said yes. We spent a beautiful San Diego morning on the beach with the dogs and then headed over to our favorite Zoo in the world where we have spent many enjoyable days. We get the anual passes so we never have to worry about seeing everything...rather we can just enjoy the beauty and the weather and if we are lucky the comedy shows some of the animals put on. This trip the Sun Bears put on the best show. There were two young bears rough housing together. One had this potatoe sack that it would put over its head and it covered about 2 thirds of its body and then it would do a zombie type walk and run into the other bear. It was so hilarious! We had a blast with Jenny's cute family and my dad.


bekah said...

We love it too! Thanks to you guys we got to go explore it in September. You guys are cute.

The Dynamic Trio said...

Oh CUTE!! You guys are adorable. We went to the zoo when i was pregnant and seth pushed me around in a wheelchair the whole time because i was suppose to be on bed It was a BLAST.

Shelley & Jake said...

How fun! I love the zoo, but I haven't been to the San Diego zoo since I was a little kid. I remember it being amazing!

Jenny said...

Thanks Maggi and David for meeting us down there. It was so much fun to have you there. Could you send me the pictures you took? I know you got lots of cute ones.
Love Ya,